PowerAlley Auto Baseball Feeder
PowerAlley Auto Baseball Feeder

PowerAlley Auto Baseball Feeder

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The PowerAlley Auto Ball Feeder attaches to both the PowerAlley Lite-ball Pitching Machine and the PowerAlley PRO Pitching Machine. Able to hold 12 baseballs, the PowerAlley Ball Feeder delivers a ball every 9 seconds allowing you to hit baseballs anytime you want all by yourself.

  • Fits Both the PowerAlley Lite & PowerAlley Real Baseball Pitching Machines
  • Holds 12 Regulation Size Baseballs
  • Delivers a Ball Every 9 Seconds
  • A/C Outlet Plugs Directly In Side of Machine
  • Easily Connects to Ball Chute With Quick Attachment
  • When Switch Is On, A Ball is Fed Into Machine Every 9 Seconds
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Turns Your Pitching Machine into an Automatic Pitcher

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