Heater Crusher Pitching Machine & PowerAlley Batting Cage

Heater Crusher Pitching Machine & PowerAlley Batting Cage

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The Crusher HomeRun And PowerAlley combo kit is an amazing hand-eye training tool that utilizes hitting smaller balls that are much harder to focus on. When you get good at hitting them, just think how much easier it will be to see and hit larger balls in the big games.

With this kit, you'll get a spacious 22'X 12'X 8' home batting cage made from lightweight, flexible fiberglass framing, and a 1" poly netting - both built for ease of assembly and disassembly that can stand up to the outdoor elements.

Features and Specifications:

  • Crusher Pitches Fastballs & Curve Balls
  • Dual Wheel Variable Speed Control
  • Pitches Up To 45 MPH
  • Adjustable Pitch height
  • 2 Dozen Ball Automatic Feeder
  • Tubular Steel Legs With Rubber Tips
  • Uses Standard A/C Power
  • Built-in Battery Compartments For 4 Or 8 Hour Batteries
  • PowerAlley Cage Features Solid Fiberglass Frame
  • 1" Nylon Netting
  • Steel Ground Stakes and Nylon Support Ropes
  • Built-in Pitching Machine Harness
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee - One Year Parts And Labor Warranty

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