Heater Sports PowerAlley Light Baseball Pitching Machine

Heater Sports PowerAlley Light Baseball Pitching Machine

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The PowerAlley Lite Baseball Machine is perfect for honing your batting with fastball pitches, pop-flys, and grounders.

This pitching machine from Heater Sports has a powerful A/C motor that pitches soft lile balls at 40 miles per hour and lite balls at 60 miles per hour. The fully enclosed pitching wheel within the PowerAlley makes this baseball pitching machine one of the safest on the market, and you'll find no comparison when it comes to affordability either. The PowerAlley will plug into any standard wall outlet and provide you hours of hitting practice.

Features and Specifications:

  • Pitches Fastballs, Grounders, and Pop-Flys
  • Pitches Soft-Lite Balls Up To 40 MPH
  • Pitches Lite-Balls Up To 60 MPH
  • Pitches Up To 45 MPH
  • Adjustable Pitch Height
  • Tripod With Rubber Tips
  • Uses Standard A/C Power
  • Fully Enclosed Wheel For Maximum Safety

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