PowerAlley Pro Real Ball Machine & PowerAlley 22' Cage
PowerAlley Pro Real Ball Machine & PowerAlley 22' Cage

PowerAlley Pro Real Ball Machine & PowerAlley 22' Cage

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The PowerAlley combo kit is a powerful training tool that incorporates the flexible PowerAlley Pro pitching machine and the rugged, robust PowerAlley 22'X 12'X 8' batting cage. With them, you'll be able to work on a wide variety of drills consistently and safely which insures big improvement on your game.

With its 18th horsepower motor, the ProwerAlley Pro Real Baseball Pitching Machine pitches lite balls up to 60 miles per hour, and real baseballs up to 45 miles per hour accurately every time.

The PowerAlley Pro's tripod stand is made of tubular steel, and the high-impact resistant, lightweight housing is constructed from extremely durable nylon-fiberglass. With the PowerAlley Pro, you're getting one of the most affordable pitching machines on the market, and it will provide you with the hours of training you need to advance in hitting fastballs, grounders, and pop-flys.

The PowerAlley 22 Ft. (22'X 12'X 8') Home Batting Cage is essential to saving yourself training time and protecting yours and other people's property from balls sailing through the air. Let's face it, statistics have shown that most hitters spend around 70 percent of their training time looking for a place to hit, and the majority of the remaining time looking for the balls they strike. A durable, proper-sized batting cage eliminates both problems and gives you back your time to work on perfecting your swings.

The ProAlley Home Batting Cage is constructed of durable polyethylene netting and fiberglass poles designed to for ease-of-use, a quick set-up, and reliability. It works great with all pitching machines and can stand up to the outdoor elements.

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