Rawlings Pro Line 3-Wheel Pitching Machine
Rawlings Pro Line 3-Wheel Pitching Machine

Rawlings Pro Line 3-Wheel Pitching Machine

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Pitch selection couldn't be easier! The iPitch® digital control panel has settings for pitch speed, spin direction and spin amount. The actual pitch speed is set directly, as opposed to setting multiple wheel speeds on other models. This machine does the math for you! Spin direction is set to one of 12 directions, laid out like a clock face, as indicated by an LED. Spin amount is also set directly as none, low, medium or high. This system yields a total of 37 different pitches available at any speed from 40-100 mph.


A Smarter Way to Practice - From the iPitch® control panel, to the geared crank wheels, to the oversized transport wheels, this machine makes batting practice easy. The three wheel design provides better ball visibility, better accuracy, and throws the nastiest breaking pitches you've ever seen.

Top Quality Motors - Our industrial grade, American made motors feature oversized, hardened stainless steel shafts to ensure a long life. And unlike competing machines, our motors are protected by the 1/4" steel frame, not exposed to batted balls. With their machines, one line drive can cost you up to $400 in repairs.

Better Wheels - Rawlings solid wheels feature a urethane tread that is a full 1" thick for lower shock loads and almost instant speed recovery. Our competitors' profiled wheel tread is only 3/8" thick at the center, causing a much higher shock load on the motor shafts, and requiring a self reported 8 seconds recovery time with real baseballs. Pneumatic wheels are almost impossible to keep balanced because they change shape at high speed from centrifugal force. As the speed increases, the unbalanced rubber tire expands, but the balance weights mounted on the steel wheel can't move, so the wheels become unbalanced. They can also leak air and gloss over from use, reducing grip and therefore accuracy and speed.

Three Sports with One Machine - These machines can be used for baseball, softball and cricket. The only differences between the machines are the interchangeable legs and ball feeder tubes. Single use machines can easily be upgraded to combination machines later by purchasing the appropriate upgrade kit. Motors are mounted on slots to allow for major adjustments between baseball and softball use, as well as for minor corrections for wheel tread wear and ball hardness. Three optional leg heights provide a realistic release point for any player: 32" for softball, 60" for baseball and 73" for baseball-XL or cricket.

Throws Any Pitch from Any Angle - A thrown ball curves in the direction of its spin. The faster the spin, the more it curves. Fastballs have backspin, which cause them to rise, or at least fall slower than they otherwise would. Sinkers and curves have topspin, causing them to drop. Knuckleballs ideally have no spin at all and move randomly. You set spin angle and amount on the control panel, and the machine automatically adjusts the wheel speeds to spin the ball in any direction to simulate virtually any pitch.

Can it Really Throw a Slider? A slider spins around an axis nearly parallel to its direction of travel, like a football thrown with a spiral. The resulting break is similar to a curveball, but sharper. No commercial machine actually throws a slider- it's more of a fast 3/4 curve. This is a close approximation to a slider, and it's what virtually all pitching machines throw, including ours.

PLEASE NOTE: If you order an XL Leg Baseball machine (or XL Baseball Legs/Softball combo machine) you CANNOT use an automatic ball feeder with it. The feeder will not be tall enough. You would be better off ordering a regular leg baseball pitching machine and an automatic ball feeder. In order to let gravity carry the balls downward from the feeder to the pitching machine, automatic ball feeders automatically come with XL legs - the same XL legs that a baseball pitching machine uses. You can swap the legs of the feeder and baseball pitching machine and use the feeder in regular height baseball pitching machine and use the machine with the feeder's XL legs, feeding the balls in manually.

Quick specs:
  • Used by A's, Cardinals, Indians, Rangers and White Sox
  • Exclusive iPitch control panel
  • Throws 37 different pitches at any speed from 40-100mph
  • Geared knobs to control horizontal and vertical aim
  • Weighs 120 lbs - less than some 2 wheel machines
  • 5 year warranty
  • Free Ground shipping (no freight hassles)
  • Made in USA

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